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Quotes pt.1

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Jennifer's Show
by nowheresville

I have recently discovered a comic on Comicfury. It is called Jennifer's Show.
Now, it takes quite a lot to appall me artistically. I have endured pretentious artists from MassArt, Umaine, Beaux Arts in paris, and more. I have seen some of the worst, most nonsensical comics and paintings in living history, but I must tip my hat to Jennifer's Show.
So, here is a tribute strip. Congratulations Jennifer, you have created the absolute worst webcomic in history. It actually PASSED the point of humor, it's really just that bad.
Congratulations. I will be making a tribute drawing for you as a Nowheresville character, but for now please enjoy my guest strip

by nowheresville

I've apparently entered a contest with and where i need to post one comic a day, even if it's not funny.


Since i'm not a very funny person this should pose no problem.

Stylus has gone missing
by nowheresville

You'll notice that the non-existant quality of Nowheresville's art takes a downturn. This is because my stylus decided it was going to go it alone, and left my graphic tablet and it's little holder thingy to their own devices.

Therefore, I am forced to draw with a mouse, which only makes my poor art skills all the poorer.


When I find it... oh you bet there will be a comic about it (maybe)